Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Life goes on...

Just another....
Saw a man today, a cigarette hung out his mouth, .. A banana in his hand, he stood there on the side of the road, looking to the other side.. Saying ba ba, holding is hand out, and then as if asking someone to wait, he raised his hand... I looked.. A cow stood there, looking over its shoulder at him.. He scuttled across the street, nearly bumping into someone who looked like he’d just come back from a bob marley concert.. Hair doo and all..

He rushed across.. Bent down, and put the banana in front of the cows mouth, cigarette still dangling.. It ate.. He spoke to it gently, like one would do his child.. It chewed,  ..  he seems to massage the banana gently in its mouth,..His left patting its head.. Slowly running is hands along the full length of its body stopping at its stomach, and then touching his fingers to his lips and back on the stomach.. A ritual, a sign of respect, endearment, awe even...., straightening up, he touched its head again and began to walk away.. Not before looking back at the cow , and pointing ahead as if explaining where he was going.. He was explaining.. The cow stood there.. Looked at him, he walked a few steps and the cow walked as well..

No one stopped to see, or gave these actions of this man a second glance.. Cars, bikes cyclists, pedestrians walked by.. Life went on..
I bid my mechanic a goodbye,, whose garage I was at,.. Walked to my bike, got on and rode off..
Just another, man
Just another cow
Just another pedestrian
Just another biker
Just another .. .... .... ... . ...
Just another day in India..
Life goes on…