Tuesday, October 26, 2010

  The Snake..

The wise arse toad : - never trust a snake, who goes on about not being poisonous..he's obviously a constrictor..a snake's a snake..

Friday, October 8, 2010

Dancing and why..

Actions do speak louder than words the owl thought to himself, as he sat and watched his friend the toad do a mean shimmy shingle atop a branch on a tree across the stream..

The toad had sat there all evening, atop a jutting rock in the gentle stream which flowed aimlessly out to nowhere..… croaking in his grandest of tones about his love for dance.. Yet not moving, not an inch.... just croak ..ribbid..ribbid..croak..ribbid...

As if struck by sudden wisdom in the form of a lash on his back.. He suddenly stopped, looked around, looked up ..and leaped into the air, landing on an overhanging branch that gently brushed the stream..

He began to dance …he danced and he danced….The  moon looked on as if already knowing each move the toad legged..as if  he had seen it being rehearsed a 100 times before....he watched on smiling..as he quietly coordinated with passing clouds, to provide  perfect stage- light , that seemed to highlight the toads ever so brilliant footwork..
He danced all night he did… croaked a little too… I love to dance… I love to dance..
He danced all night...he danced all right..

Music for the night was provided by the creaking trees..The hustling leaves, the wind and his howl..Amidst the cacophony of various creatures of the night..They joined in from time to time in perfect chorus like a well rehearsed band ....the owl joined in too...It all fell into place..