Sunday, September 19, 2010

One summer's night

I guess I may have found what I was hoping for..
No it did not just walk in the door..

I was caught off guard, one summer's night..
while i lay my head on that jungle floor..

No there was no wind that night..
No there was no one in sight..

I lay there looking up at those stars..
And then one fell so close so far..

No I did not stand up and look
No I did not stir when the earth shook..

Then there was wind that night..
Then from nowhere she stood  - a light..

Yes I stood now to see that face
As the earth swayed with eloquent grace..

If ever was a time I wished upon a star
It seems now one was sent from afar..

Down that path I gently strode..
Up that  path she tirelessly flowed..

I saw light..
She saw night..

Who are u she asked with raised nose
Who are u I asked with bitten lip..

I am the keeper of the  night I smiled..
I am the keeper of the light she smiled..
They stood....

Iv been waiting for u he hushed in a whisper..
And i u she gushed..almost in a whimper..

What now she giggled..
Yes what now he sighed..

Are you alone she questioned..
I hope not anymore.. he gazed..

they stood.

eye to eye..
toe to toe...

He took her hand
And she his..

.will i do he turned back to ask..Turning darker .
Will i do she replied ..beaming brighter..


Light followed night
Night followed light

Yes I found what I was hoping for..
No it did not just walk in the door..

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